Where to walk - from our farm

Below are five local walks straight out the farm. They range from 2.5KM (30mins) to 5.5KM (just over an hour). We have also included one longer 11KM walk. Three of the walks take you to Billingshurst and Barns Green where there are pubs and shops.

Please follow the Countryside Code whilst on your walks. Most importantly: close all gates which were closed when you found them and do not litter.

There are plenty of other walks nearby – these are just a few. Feel free to just explore! Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have about the local walks!

5KM Walk to and back from Billingshurst - (30 mins each way)

Once in Billingshurst the pubs and shops are all on the main street (High Street)

  • Turn right out of the farm and follow the road for 10 mins ish.
  • At the top of one of the hills you will find a drive way with large gates on your left. Next to this is a small stile with a footpath sign.
  • Follow the footpath into Billingshurst.
  • To return: either turn back the way you came or follow alternative route (in blue as above):
  • Head straight up the High Street until the first large roundabout.
  • Take the road straight across the roundabout (the path is on the right hand side of the road).
  • Follow until first right hand turning (New Road).
  • Follow road back to our farm!

5.5KM Walk to and back from Barns Green (35/40 mins each way)

Once in Barns Green, refresh yourself at the lovely pub called the Queens Head or buy some picnic-type food at the Village Store. By the Village Hall there is a large playing field – perfect for picnics.

  • Turn left out of the farm.
  • Follow the road for a few minutes until the sharp right turn. You will see a fancy black gate on your right – go through the side gate.
  • Follow the driveway. The footpath is over a gate on your right. Walk through the fields (straight at first then keeping the ponds on your right.)
  • Exit this farm over the stile onto the road.
  • Cross right over the road and into the next field towards the abandoned house!
  • Walk straight down through two fields (one with big tractor wheel holes).
  • Enter woodlands and follow the path until the crossroads. Either way takes you into Barns Green – I usually take the right hand/straight path.
  • Follow the path through Sumners Camp Site onto the road. Turn left to get to the pub, playing field and the village shop.
  • To return: either trace back the same way or follow the alternative route as above (in blue)

Short 3KM walk (approx. 35 mins).

  • Head out the back of the farm, through the first field.
  • After the first field, enter into woodland and take left hand footpath.
  • Cross over bridge and up into next field.
  • Follow field perimeter until you see footpath sign in the trees, go over stile.
  • Head right up the next field to another stile.
  • After stile, take next stile on your left and head straight down through that field.
  • At bottom of field go over the bridge and turn right.
  • Walk up the field to the gate and either use the stile or climb over the gate – head down the track onto New Road.
  • At road turn left and you’ll be back at ours!

Short 3.5KM walk (approx. 45 mins). Can be walked either way.

  • Turn left out of farm.
  • Follow the road for a few minutes until the sharp right turn. You will see a fancy black gate on your left – go through the side gate.
  • Follow the driveway. The footpath is over a gate on your right. Walk through the fields (straight at first then keeping the ponds on your right.)
  • Exit this farm over the stile onto the road.
  • Turn right and follow road until New Road.
  • Turn onto New Road and look for footpath sign on the left (marked with blue X). Depending on whether the farm has opened it’s footpath: if not – follow road back to our farm (not too busy a road).
  • If farm footpath is open – go through gate and follow footpath. Take a right at the next footpath you reach and follow the track.
  • Follow track until wooded footpath on the left. Turn and go through trees to the stile. Cross straight over driveway and follow path next to their garden and through the field.
  • Over stile and then turn left onto footpath back to our farm!

Short 2.5KM Walk (about 25/30 mins)

  • Turn right out of farm and take the footpath on the left (through metal gate).
  • Follow the footpath through woodland, through field 1, over bridge and then through field 2.
  • In the second field, there are three options (at the blue X) – straight ahead, left or right.
  • This walk follows the left hand footpath which I think is nicest. This footpath isn’t the easiest to spot however.
  • Turn left and walk through the big field.
  • At the end of this field, turn left onto the track.
  • Follow this track straight all the way until the road and turn left at the end.
  • Follow this road round until our farm.

Long 11KM Walk (approx. 2 hours)

Go out the back of the farm and stay on straight footpath until the second woodland. Take a right at the footpath junction. Follow until stile (1mi marker on 1st map). Go over stile, through field and then turn left on the track.

Go up track to the driveway and turn left. Follow driveway up to the house. Go through gate by log and go straight ahead. Go through the gap by the metal gate and down the overgrown footpath.

Follow this footpath until a house on your right. After house turn onto the right hand footpath. Go through the fields (2mi marker on 2nd map) until you get to a gate into a wooded path by a house. Follow path and over stile. Take a right onto a driveway to the main road.

Cross road and walk left. On your right hand will be another footpath. Follow this footpath. When you reach the big field which slopes downhill – headed straight down and you will find another stile to a wooded footpath. Follow footpath to a small footbridge. Go up steps and follow into the Church Yard. Exit Church Yard and on the road turn right (3mi marker on 2rd map). When the road turns left, take the straight ahead track.

Follow this track for a while until you reach the Sussex Literary Trail sign.

Follow Literary Trail until you see reach a turning onto the village playing field (around 4mi marker on 4th map). Go through playing field towards the centre of the village where there is a pub and shop for well-deserved refreshments. From Barns Green, follow the main road to Sumners Camp Site. Enter the campsite and go through car park to track with hedges on either side. Follow track until left hand turning onto footpath. Follow until woodlands. Go through the gate and follow this track until the driveway. Turn left and follow driveway to the road.

Cross over railway tracks (5mi marker on 5th map) and follow the road and footpath signs. When you reach the property with the signs about where and where not to walk, follow the footpath keeping their tall wooden fence on your left.

Exit property through gate and continue on the track until you pass some stables. Keep going until you reach right hand turning. Turn right and follow driveway over stile, over railway bridge all the way to the road (West Chiltington Lane) (6mi marker on 6th map). Turn right on the road and follow this road back to the left hand turning onto New Road. Follow New Road back the our farm.